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The pink city paints and design studio are the best paint shop in jaipur which is engaged in the business of selling, products related to home decor and providing of related services. Pink city is the largest paints store in the market share.
Pink city paints has a wide range of paints for decorative and industrial use and also offers Wall Coverings, water proofing, adhesives and services. The company is also present in the Home Improvement and Decor segment.
In Decorative paints, pink city is present in all the four segments i.e. Interior Wall Finishes, Exterior Wall, Enamels and Wood Finishes It also offers Water proofing, wall coverings and adhesives.
An exclusive end-to-end solution that provides consumers a personalized interior design service with professional execution to create their dream homes

There are so many reasons for like Pinkcity paints by customers or contractors.

1.Availability of Material : When anyone planning to paint their house, First they think colour shades and combinations. Generally customers choose the combinations from online and send to their service providers to bring that colours, Every customer or service providers In pinkcity, all the colours can get easily in everywhere and we can choose the any colours we want from 2200+ shades of colour spectra

  1. Budget Friendly Qualities : if anyone looking to paint house in budget, pink city paints only recommended because for rental purpose and periodically painting purpose in pink city paints economical quality paints are available, house painting in Budget and these material available at pink city paints and design studio easily.

3.Quality of The product : Not only Budget paints in pink city paints High quality paints are available as per customer requirements, pink city paints offering Luxury category for who want to make their dream house with High quality products, Qualities
a. Asian paints Royale luxury emulsion
b. Asian paints Royale MATT ( who likes MATT finish)
c. Asian paints Royale shyne ( Who want Complete shyne walls ) d. Royale health shield ( For new born children home painting and Old age peoples Home painting)
e. Royale Atmos ( To filter dust air inside room and keeps free air inside the room)
f. Royale Aspira ( Top quality Luxurious painting)
g. Royale Glitz ( Top quality ultra sheen product).

  1. Lifetime of the Asian paints : Life of the asian paints pinkcity gives more life than recommended in asian paints Economical paints a. Tractor uno distemper gives 3 to 4 years life
    b. Tractor emulsion 4 to 6 years and premium quality paints apcolite premium emulsion gives 6 to 7 years, All luxury quality paints give life above 10 years.
  2. Luxury quality paints:
    One of the world’s most technologically advanced paints that delivers a perfectly smooth finish with a sophisticated luxurious look.
  3. Warranty of the products: Pinkcity provides warranty on products. Some products has performance warranty.

Choose professional painting services by pink city paints and design studio
When it comes to home painting services, we tend to make decisions based solely on the budget. This is especially true when it comes to repairs or renovations needed at home. Compromising on quality early on will unnecessarily result in more money for fixes that may crop up later. The best house painters always consider larger aspects of the service such as paint quality, delivery time, and usage of appropriate tools. Read on to understand the advantages offered by professional painting services and how you can benefit from them.


Any craft is incomplete without the correct set of tools. With professional house painters, you don’t need to worry about this as they are qualified and have complete knowledge of their craft. To achieve quality painting, adhering to the standard protocols is as important as using the right tools. Professional painters provide complete guidance on the suitable paint type and ensure to use of the appropriate brushes for the same, which leads to a desirable result.


Color has a direct impact on the overall ambience of any space. Thus, being surrounded by certain hues can have a huge effect on your mood. For example, a vibrant shade of yellow can create an upbeat and happy vibe. As such, combining the wrong shades can adversely impact the aesthetic of a space. The best house painters offer proper consultation on the suitability of colour palettes based on the surroundings and your personality. After all, you’d want to create an inviting space for yourself and your family.


Home painting is a skill, a craft to hone and it can only be perfected with a lot of practice and experience. Many a time, the staff of any professional paint service turns out to be the best house painters as they work in different settings with varied requirements daily. With so many everyday projects, they have numerous tricks up their sleeves to expedite the process. Thus, they assure the closure of projects on time without letting it affect their high-quality painting solutions.


Budget is an important deciding factor when opting for painting professionals. However, compromising on quality based on budget alone should never be the case. Nowadays, many house painting services offer tailored plans to cater to individual needs. Upon reaching out, they further guide and pay attention to any constraints or doubts making house painting an enjoyable experience. So, take a step-by-step approach to zero in on the best painting professionals to cater to your budget and preferences.


Over time, the possibility of paint defects is high. This is where a service warranty can protect your wallet from unnecessary expenses. Locals charge extra or many don’t bother coming back at all. In a similar situation, home painting services take accountability with a service warranty valid for days after the job is complete. With a single call, reach out with any complaints and rest assured of getting your walls back to their original state.

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